19 – 24 September 2022 Dublin, Ireland


Thursday 22nd September

10:30-11:00 Moveshelf Satellite Symposium (Hogan Suite)


Johannes Gijsbers, Netherlands – VP of Product, Moveshelf

Lisa Van Der Wiel, Netherlands, Clinical Movement Analyst, Sint Maartenskliniek

In this satellite symposium, we will discuss:
-What is Moveshelf?
-How Moveshelf works for the Sint Maartenskliniek in daily clinical practice, with multiple labs and technologies
-What’s new in the Moveshelf information system in 2022

What is Moveshelf?
Moveshelf is the information system for clinical movement analysis. With Moveshelf, you can centralize all measurements in one place so that you and your team can take better decisions together. You can get measurements from wherever your patients are, create concise and relevant interactive reports, and easily access all clinical movement analysis results from wherever you work. Moveshelf integrates with existing hardware and modern hospital IT, and our information system is secure, certified, reliable, and fully supported.

Visit moveshelf.com to learn more.

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13:00-14:00 Vicon Satellite Symposium (Hogan Suite)

Speakers: Kim Duffy, United Kingdom, Nick Gallimore, United Kingdom

Past, Present, Future.

Past: The Evolution of Vicon, and some key features you may not know about
Present: Where are we today and what’s new?
Future: What will tomorrow bring for Biomechanics

15:30-16:00 Qualisys Satellite Symposium (Hogan Suite)

Title: Innovations in motion capture: opportunities, challenges and Qualisys vision

Presenter: Nils Betzler

How can Clinical Gait Analysis benefit from the latest innovations in Motion Capture, such as markerless capture and cloud processing?

15:30 – 15:45 Movella Presentation on booth number 7

18:30-19:15 Motek User Group Meeting (Hogan Suite)


  • Motek: Frans Steenbrink (VP Research Solutions) & Merel Trossel (Product Manager)
  • UZ Gent: Anke van Bladel (Postdoctoral Researcher) & Lynn Bar-On (Postdoctoral Researcher) 

Invited attendees

Everyone, who is:

  • Interested in Motek and its products
  • A Motek system user
  • A Motek partner

Program of User Group Meeting

  • 18:30 Welcome drinks at the Foyer in front of the Hogan Suite
  • 19:00 Start User Group meeting at Hogan Suite
    • Motek Update by Frans Steenbrink
    • Product Update by Merel Trossel
    • Key note speaker Anke van Bladel  from UZ Gent will share her experience on using the GRAIL for research and clinical treatment, and how (in only 3years) the GRAIL has become essential for publishing innovative research studies, setting up collaborations with other institutions, and establishing a successful gait analysis & clinical treatment service.
  • 20:00 Social event: having drinks and catching up with Motek users, partners, and friends


Are you going to attend our User Group Meeting? Please register via this link.

About Motek

As the global leaders in virtual reality robotics, we provide you with over 20 years of pioneering research through our advanced, innovative devices. Work with cutting edge technology and integration to enhance your clinical or research setup, and create engaging platforms with virtual and augmented reality. Motek Medical is part of the DIH International family, a group that brings together the best brands in advanced rehabilitation solutions for clinical, hospital and research markets.

Find out more here https://www.motekmedical.com/

Friday 23rd September

10:30-11:00 XSENSOR Satellite Symposium (Hogan Suite)

Speaker: Bruce Malkinson, Canada – COO, XSENSOR Technology

Symposia Abstract

Capturing Pediatric Natural Gait Using In-Shoe Plantar Pressure

Accurate, repeatable plantar pressure and gait measurements are essential in assessing the characteristics of footwear. It is especially challenging collecting large datasets with children due to the time required, access and logistics of controlled environment and the population. 

The study we’ll be presenting on utilized in-shoe plantar pressure data to provide insights into plantar pressure, loading and timing of gait. The body of research done on the topic has proven that plantar pressure data will be helpful for footwear manufacturers in assessing characteristics of their products that promote foot health.

About XSENSOR Technology

Without the data revealed by Intelligent Dynamic Sensing, footwear and clothing can compromise performance, comfort, and safety. In clinical, sports performance, or research applications, existing plantar pressure and gait measurement products are not suitable for real-world testing.

Leading with our Intelligent Dynamic Sensing technology which reveals hidden data, we offer leading-edge foot and gait analysis tools for biomechanics professionals in sports performance, footwear design, and clinical and research labs.

Visit xsensor.com to learn more on our technology and range of solutions.

13:00-13:30 Delsys Europe Satellite Symposium (Hogan Suite)

Title – Beyond EMG. An Exploration of Movement.

Speaker – Jonathan Hagyard, Product Specialist


How do we control our muscles?

This is a critical component of our lives, whether talking about professional athletes optimising performance or restoring the ability to walk following spinal cord injury.  The central nervous system regulates and modulates how muscles generate the force needed to move. Through electromyography (EMG), we explore and assess the functionality and efficiency of the neuromuscular system and further our understanding of human movement. 

Advancements in high-density surface Electromyography (HDsEMG) now allow us to further examine how the brain controls movement.

Join us to explore our innovative HDsEMG technologies and how they can support your advancing research

13:30-14:00 CONTEMPLAS Satellite Symposium (Hogan Suite)

Speakers: Stefan Klippel, Germany, Franca Blanz, Germany

Be the expert and discover unlimited possibilities for your 3D gait analysis. With markerless tracking from Theia3D, time-consuming sticking of markers is a thing of the past. Use the seamless integration of tracking with Theia3D and start the motion analysis of the future – with scientifically proven accuracy.

15:30 – 15:45 COMETA Presentation on booth number 10